Yahoo Maps Driving Directions

If you need to find a location or get driving directions anywhere in the world, using a geospatial mapping service like Yahoo Maps is the ideal solution. You can make any trip a breeze with step-by-step driving directions from Yahoo. The maps keep you updated in real time and include traffic reports to help you plan your trip. Apart from heavy traffic, you can also avoid road blocks and construction zones, which is something for which Yahoo Maps provides excellent service. Picking the shortest route or even changing a route on Yahoo Maps is easy with its drag-and-drop function. This is not all. It calculates the distance and time from point-to-point, landmarks along the way, and places of interest such as hotels, parks, restaurants, ATMs, and more. With many low cost airlines and faster modes of transport available, an increase in travel is imminent, leading to a greater demand for online mapping services like Yahoo Maps.

Start Search Driving Directions with Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Maps has an easy-to-use interface with simple menu options. To get driving directions all you need is to key in your current location and destination in the two search boxes and what you get instantly is the shortest route possible between the two locations. Zooming in and out helps you to reference your area and obtain greater detailed coverage. So wherever you are, with Yahoo Maps turn-by-turn driving directions you can be sure of a peaceful trip. With each route, you can have a listing of all your favorite restaurants, gas stations, and other services displayed on your map as well. The precise distance and time is provided for each turn, so that you know how long it will take you to make it to your destination. Looking for a particular business or businesses along the route is also possible. Simply include the business name or category and you will have a listing relevant to your route.

Stay On Course with Yahoo Maps

As you work with Yahoo Maps, your locations are saved in the ‘My Locations’ section, so that you can easily find specific points of interest that you previously mapped. Satellite imagery on Yahoo Maps is similar to Google Maps, where you will find a small map in the upper right hand corner which you can drag to different locations. This will re-center the map according to the new location. Who said you need a GPS driving unit after this? All you need to do is print out your map along with the point-to-point and turn-by-turn directions and set out on your way. It doesn’t matter if you are simply commuting or camping or hiking along the countryside, Yahoo Maps will keep you on course.