Using Mapquest Driving Directions

MapQuest is a very useful tool when it comes to online mapping. In fact, if you are looking for an interactive road atlas for any location, MapQuest is the ideal solution. A user friendly interface and a host of features is what make it a great instrument for travelers. One of the main features of the site is getting driving directions from one point to another. Fill in the place of origin and the destination, and MapQuest will provide the best route available. If you want to avoid certain areas or roads, all you need to do is drag and change the route. Once you are satisfied with the route, what you will receive is accurate step by step driving directions, approximate distances, and the estimated driving time. However, that is not all. You also get updated information on traffic conditions along the route. And, there’s even more. You can save a lot of money, since MapQuest will also provide you with the price of fuel prevalent in the area you may be traveling to. Records of the recent locations you map are saved so that you don’t require to re-type directions every time. The good news for iPhone users is that MapQuest is available for them.

Get Online Driving Directions at Mapquest

MapQuest has a limited feature, which is a birds-eye view of the route to be travelled. You can zoom in and out of any address or pan out of the area with ease and actually see the buildings and streets in the area. Searching for a particular business is easy with MapQuest’s “Yellow Pages”. You can search according to location or category and find the shortest route on the map too. After having a virtual tour, you won’t feel like you are traveling in unfamiliar territory. If you want a large, accurate, and readable map, then MapQuest has it all. The only exception being satellite images, which is yet to be featured on the site.

All the data you collect on Map Quest can be sent to your cell phone. Another great thing about MapQuest is that is completely free of charge. Just compare this to an expensive GPS, and you will most certainly change your mind. All it takes is a simple printout of the map and directions, if you don’t want to save it on your cell phone. It doesn’t matter whether you need to make a short or long trip, MapQuest will deliver.