Mappy Maps Driving Directions

Today, everyone has the privilege to use maps. You can do much more than just find locations on the earth. Thanks to technology, you can plan routes, view interactive maps, and even get driving directions from a destination of your choice. Now, that’s not all. Mappy Directions is an interactive mapping service that calculates the costs of traveling by car including fuel and toll expenses, so you can maintain your budget with ease. Mappy also provides traffic information so that you can reschedule your route. Enter your location and your destination and Mappy provides a list of service stations and hotels along the route, which is ideal when you are traveling by car.

Explore Mappy Service to Find Driving Directions Online 

Register for a free account and MappyMe gives you access to tools that let you customize and save maps or driving directions all around Europe. The site is packed with information on the history, weather, important landmarks and attractions, and hotels in the region. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t familiar with a place, with Mappy you are guaranteed never to lose your way. Simply schedule your trip, check out the areas you want to visit, add them to the map and save the driving directions.

Included in Mappy driving directions are a visual map with directions and the total mileage, estimated time to reach from one location to another, as well as the street names, making it most convenient for travelers. Maps can be printed with or without directions in a matter of seconds and saved to mobile phones as well. is available in 7 languages and is able to provide directions around anywhere in Europe. To ensure that you stay on the right road, Mappy has a unique feature showing what autoroute signs look like. Autoroutes are known as Interstate highways in the US and Motorways in the UK. What’s more is that Mappy is free, so you don’t need any costly GPS or other devices. If you have a web enabled phone, you can access Mappy through a download application.
Mappy’s V2.0 iPhone application includes many features for users to journey by car or pedestrian and search for local services. The website allows users to identify hotels available in a specific geographic area while booking can be made directly online. If you are looking for a convenient way to get around the look no further that Mappy Driving Directions. You will definitely get to your destination safely, and on time.