Bing Maps Driving Directions

Microsoft’s answer for online mapping users, Bing (MSN) Maps, powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework, is keeping up with the competition from Google, Yahoo, and MapQuest, among others. Today, many more users are aware of Bing Maps. Bing can be added to Firefox and all you need to do is install the add-on. To begin with, Bing Maps has co-located its data in order to provide easy access to users. It has a user-friendly interface with perfect mapping for routes. All you need to do is enter your location and destination and Bing provides you with the easiest route available, which means there are no chances of getting lost. Yes, driving directions on Bing is something you must try out.

Bing Maps can be embedded in a web page, which works out to be a great marketing tool as well. One of the best features of Bing is an isometric view, Street Side, similar to Google’s Street View. You can virtually walk down a street and explore neighborhoods in any city.  To aid navigation road names also pop up around the screen. You can add photographs and have them integrated on Bing Maps with Photosynth. You will be impressed by its great satellite and areal imagery and the fact that you can view locations from all four angles. Bing has gone a step further and allows developers to create applications that cover location data on Bing Maps map imagery. 

Get Directions with Bing Maps

Bing Maps enables you to search by business, person, address, and public collections. All you need to do is enter the keywords and Bing will provide the precise location on a map. Street maps are topographically shaded and you can zoom in on various locations of interest such as metro stations, hospitals, stadiums, and more. Most global cities are well covered with a detailed map. If you are into 3D mapping, then go ahead and install the plug-in for a true 3D experience thanks to Photosyth and Silverlight technologies, and teaming up with Navteq, who provides road data on a 24-hour basis.

So, is Bing Maps a Google killer or is it trying to catch up with Google and jump ahead? The debate is wide open. But, frankly, what we see is an ideal mapping service that has managed to keep up and remain among the toughest competition. This isn’t a battle, but we as users get to benefit from each one striving to add on new features and provide greater coverage.

The MSN Driving Directions Service

To compete with its contemporaries, Microsoft has also made available an online mapping service that can help people or motorist find specific destinations or locations. The MSN driving directions can be found on the website

How to Get There

When you open this website, you have the option of keying in a business, an address, or a landmark as your point of reference or your starting point. You can also key in a business, address, or landmark as your ending point or your destination.  A map is also displayed on the right side of the screen in case you want to view specific maps or are planning to go abroad and want to get a glimpse of the country and area which you’re going to go to. This map gives you a road view and an aerial view. Clicking on the aerial view feature gives you two options: an aerial view or a satellite photo map or a bird’s eye view which gives you a more detailed view. However, not all countries support these kinds of views.

Availability in Different Countries

The full mapping feature that the MSN driving directions mapping services offer are available in full for the following countries: the United States, Canada (except for some of the rural provinces found in the northeastern area), the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and India.  They also have directory listings for Australia and the United States.

Services It Offers

Once you enter in your starting location and your destination, you can also add other locations to your routes. This feature comes in handy when you’re going on a long road trip and want to have some stopovers along the way. You can also view the round trip directions or the reverse directions as well. This website helps you get to your destination in the shortest time possible or the shortest distance possible. You can also get a route which depends on the traffic. The distance that you travel can be shown in miles or kilometers depending on which option you choose.

Mobile and Email Access

After getting your directions from the MSN driving directions site, you can then send these to your email, your mobile phone, or to your GPS device to help you on your way.